These Farmhouse Yeast Strains Could Revolutionize Beer Brewing As We Know It

When staff at Omega Yeast read a few blog posts about a family of Norwegian farmhouse (AKA homegrown) yeast strains used for brewing beer, they thought the brewers must either be making terrible liquid or the yeast must be remarkable. Once they ran some experiments on samples they obtained, they determined it was the latter and starting selling them in the States.

As an example, they write in their sales materials that one particular strain has “uniquely pleasant fruitiness and an absurdly wide fermentation range.”

These yeast strains, called “kveik” and used for centuries by Norwegian cottage brewers, are becoming so prized among a select few American craft brewers that one avid Chicago adherent is hosting the nation’s first festival devoted to kveik, on September 7. It’s sponsored by Omega.  

“I’m really excited,” says Ben Saller, festival organizer and head brewer at Burnt City Brewing, which cans its Kveik Minded New England IPA year-round. “The breweries that are attending are breweries that care about what they’re doing with yeast. I think we’re all looking forward to getting together and nerding out.”

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