Omega Prime Group Ventures into Blockchain Technology Acquiring Hashtechz Company

Blockchain has been becoming publicly accepted as more and more big businesses start investing significant resources developing their own technology around blockchain.

Recently, Facebook published a white paper detailing their plans for a digital currency that uses blockchain technology, Libra. This adaptation that can also be seen amongst other corporate giants such as IBM and JP Morgan Chase is a clear sign that blockchain is here to stay and will only grow more relevant moving forward.

Among the international corporations making investments in the space, Omega Prime Group and is a rising star that is well positioned. Recognizing early-on the potential of the emerging decentralized finance ecosystem, Omega Prime Group and its subsidiaries have already made important investments in the space. One such investment was the acquisition of Hashtechz, a software development company that builds AI-driven algorithmic trading bots. Hashtechz’ first product, a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot, has returned average profits of over 20% for its members in each of the months since launching in April according to reports.

Omega Prime Group has been operating since 2016 becoming one of the leading financial technology company globally. They are rapidly expanding their operations and currently managing 100 million USD in assets.

Omega Prime Group is now building the necessary infrastractures to accomodate the emerging decentralized finance economy. They are currently developing their own cryptocurrency exchange with a cryptographic version of Singapore dollar.

For more information, you can visit Omega Prime Group and their Crunchbase profile.