BMW Reminds Marketers That Little Ideas Can Be Huge

I love when a brand finds a innovative, relevant, non-intrusive way to get in front of its target audience. BMW has done just that with its “sponsorship,” if you want to call it that, of Heaps Estrin Real Estate’s high-dollar home listings. The brand staged these multi-million dollar homes with brand new high-end BMW models right in the driveways, visible in the digital listings as well as during live home tours. That one little idea has huge reverberations for BMW (and Heaps Estrin, for that matter).

The epicenter of this idea’s power is, of course, on any given Sunday when there’s an open house and people who can afford a multi-million dollar home are touring these homes. Okay, so maybe it’s by appointment only, but still, these wealthy folks are assessing the curb appeal of their prospective new home and, boom, there’s a gorgeous BMW parked right in front.

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